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TLC Landscape Contractors has provided landscaping and landscape maintenance service for Tallahassee since 1981.  Whether you need commercial or residential service our "TLC Team" of dedicated professionals are here to meet your needs.

Landscape Maintenance
Your time is very important.  Why spend time pruning azaleas and mowing your lawn!  Permit TLC to provide a written maintenance proposal for "year-round-care" of your property, so that you can maximize time with your family, business associates, sports, travel, etc.  For a detail listing of our services click on the Services Link.

A professionally planned landscape includes: use areas, color focals, specimen plants, ground covers, water and light, hardscapes and a guide on proper maintenance.

TLC uses landscape architects and designers for scale or sketch drawings and consultations.  Our estimates are based on customer approved plans.  We serve your needs: new homes or businesses, renovation of existing landscapes, problem solving, and "curb appeal" for property sellers.

For a detailed listing of the services we offer click on the Services Link.