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Mowing, Edging, Pruning

We provide these basic lawn maintenance services to save you time and effort. Florida grass grows quickly, especially during the 6 – 7 growth months from April – October. A freshly trimmed lawn, neatly edged walks and curbs, and well-tended plants maximize your home’s curb appeal.


New home? Renovating the backyard? Looking to enhance your “curb appeal?” A professionally planned landscape includes: use areas, focal colors, specimen plants, groundcovers, and hardscapes. Whether you know exactly what you want or need help dreaming up possibilities, we can visualize, plan, and execute your ideas.

Garden Prep

Ready to put your green thumb to the test? Whether you’re dabbling with growing your first fruits and veggies or planning a larger-scale orchard, we’ve got the equipment to help you harvest. Our first step is ground prep, tilling and preparing the soil for new plants and crops.

Stump Grinding

We have equipment to grind or remove tree stumps. Stump grinding tends to be more common, as we grind stumps down to about 12 inches beneath surface level (but leave the roots). Stump removal (or excavation) will leave a hole in the ground, which our team will backfill for no additional charge.

Sod Installation

Those looking for a fresh patch of grass often consider sod installation. This is a multi-step process which often includes a combination of soil prep prior to installation and landscape grading (yard leveling) to ensure stability and proper water flow / drainage.

Irrigation Issues

When sprinkler systems stop working properly, our team can help repair the damaged unit. This can include anything from re-piping an existing underground framework or repairing damage to a sprinkler head.